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Cueva de los Franceses
Karst formation of great beauty and magnitude. Nearby is a viewpoint over the valley of the Ebro. Covalagua is an upwelling of water with deer.
Valle de Santullán/Mudá Perapertú
  This proposal focuses on viewing in the area closest to Barruelo of Santullán, during a walking day through a valley filled with villages and places with ancient tastes, characters from the past, small churches that do not appear in books or guides but which nevertheless have a proper historical and artistic value.  
Cervera de Pisuerga
Villa with a former glory, surrounded by wetlands and native forests. The Pernia region of influence is their way of pots full of villages farmers.
Aguilar de Campoo
We will find many houses and palaces with shields. Typical mountain architecture. Great Collegiate Monastery, museums and the sculptor of the Romanesque Ursi. A swamp 3 Km away.
Románico Fundamental
Route designed to drive during one or several days, with a good load capacity reels photographic boggles at the myriad wonders that await you.
Reinosa Alto Campoo
Although already in Cantabria, Reinosa is a village full of traditional flavor, from its famous pastry, their ancestral homes architecture and the surrounding mountain where stands the Three Seas Peak the ski resort and its Romanesque EROTIC.
Saldaña-La Olmeda
Saldana holds a treasure: The Roman villa of Olmeda whose 1400m2 mosaics are considered second best in the world, the town retains its medieval square intact.
Románico de Regocijo
The churches to be highlighted on this route in order of importance are: REVILLA, MATALEBANIEGA, VALBERZOSO, SAN CEBRIÁN molting VILLANUEYA DE LA TORRE, Cillamayor, VILLAVEGA And CORVI.
Ruta de los pantanos
Apart from the Requejada Swamp whose waters will join us along the way to San Salvador and Piedrasluengas, with beautiful views, you can bypass up to three wetlands in a row if you take the road that starts from Ruesga.
Guardo and Velilla del Rio Carrión are at the foot of the most significant peaks of the mountains in Palencia. Espigüete, Peña's Roman Reana Prieta.Fuente.
In the Páramo de La Lora, a spectacular geological landscape of karst origin has developed. Among its most important manifestations include dolines, sinkholes, Uvala, chasms, caves and springs. One of the latest, of Covalagua, gives its name to the entire Natural Area.

Mirador de Valcabado
Spectacular views from this viewpoint located in Pomar de Valdivia, within the Natural Area Covalagua. It is an impressive natural balcony on the beech "Monte Ahedo" and Valderredible Valley.
mirador de las estrellas
Apparently it was like a kind of planetary with telescopes and a bathyscaphe. Located in San Cebrián de mute.
parque de cervera
Located in the mountain of the Dehesa Cervera de Pisuerga. It has 6 circuits of varying difficulty and attractions are perfectly integrated into the landscape (Tibetan bridge, zip line, trunk of balance, networking approach, etc.)

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